Lady Bits episode 54: Braasch and Unloveable

Jacqui and LeMar take on incels and discuss recent incidents of weaponized white feminism.

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Relevant Links

Does anyone have the right to sex?Amia Srinivasan for London Review of Books

‘Beta Males’ Want To Kill Women Because They Can’t Get LaidRobyn Pennacchia for Bust Magazine

On Sexual Deprivation, Sex Workers, “Incels,” and ViolenceDan Savage for The Stranger

Actually We Don’t Owe You Sex, and We Never WillMoira Donegan for Cosmopolitan

‘Redistributing Sex’ Is A Toxic Conversation About Toxic PeopleSamantha Cole for Vice

Someone Please Tell The Times That Incels Are TerroristsTalia Levin for The Village Voice

The internet is enabling a community of men who want to kill women. They need to be stoppedLaura Hudson for The Verge

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